CygnusWorks GmbH

We are a small company based in Munich, Germany, dedicated to the Design and Development of High Integrity Embedded Real-Time Software Systems in the Space, Aerospace and Avionics Sectors.

We have over 30 years of wide and comprehensive experience in all aspects of the full software life-cycle of critical embedded real-time Space, Aerospace and Avionics On-Board Flight Software applications, from Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation through to rigorous System and Subsystem Integration and Testing. We are fully familiar with modern Software Engineering practices, technologies and associated tools.

We have the necessary abilities, skills and high-integrity to design and implement large-scale critical real-time software systems to the highest quality standards, specialising in the use of Ada using object-oriented methods (MIL-STD-498, MIL-STD-2167A, HOOD, OOA, OOD, UML and others). Our experience with Ada is second to none, from the language's introduction in the 1980s - Ada83 - through Ada95 and continuing to the present day. We have experience with many other languages including C/C++, Perl, Ruby, Java, Pascal, Coral and Basic, as well as various assembler and scripting languages.

We work closely and flexibly with our clients and their customers on the basis of agreed Work Packages. We are fully capable of responding to our clients' changing needs and we are also able to work at either our clients' sites or their customers' sites as necessary.

Our clients have included companies such as EADS - CASSIDIAN, EADS - Eurocopter, BAe Systems, Northrop Grumman and Marconi Radar.

We have recently been working with EADS - Eurocopter and EADS - CASSIDIAN, on the multi-national Tiger / NH90 Helicopter projects in Ottobrunn / Donauwörth, Germany and the multi-national Eurofighter Typhoon ASTA Simulation project in Manching, Germany, respectively.

We have also been involved in a private venture UAV/CAV project with Woodford Aerospace Engineering Ltd. in Manchester, England to develop an autonomous manned/unmanned air-vehicle for covert military deployment - early Operational Concepts/Feasibility, Requirements Capture, System Design and Rapid Prototyping, with specific reference to the overall Software Architecture and to the Design, Development and Testing of the Real-Time embedded multi-computer/processor redundant Operational Flight Software System.

Director David Boocock